Plight Of The Palestinians Amidst COVID-19

Severely repressed for decades and subjected to the most inhumane form of ethnic cleansing, the Palestinian people struggle to survive. The current outbreak has made things worse but life was never easy for them in the first place. The occupation forces dehumanize them and cast them out of their land, in clear violation of international law, and their brethren living in Israel have been refused medical assistance amidst the pandemic.

100,000 Palestinians have so far been killed by the occupation forces who target unarmed men, women, and children alike. The Israeli government not only refuses to accept their wrongdoings, but it endorses such actions with full vehemence. Just put yourself in the shoes of a Palestinian for one moment and visualize what they see every day. Death, destruction and atrocities by a foe they can’t possibly hold back. The recent “black lives matter” protests that sparked an international outcry against racial resulted from state-backed discrimination in the USA. Similar treatment has befallen Palestinians for decades and they have faced it without any support from the international community.

Food scarcity, land theft, mass murders, arrests of children, and unspeakable cruelties have left the group devastated. Palestine is suffering, and this pandemic, though a catastrophe, is the least of their worries. As a Palestinian, you’d have to live every day in fear of losing your family, your home, your life. The international community must gather up and help save Palestine. Emancipation is the right of every nation, no people should have to live under constant terror. If black lives matter, then so do Palestinian lives. Together, we must change this.

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