Coronavirus Cases In West Bank And Gaza

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Coronavirus cases Today

34,401 confirmed cases

+558 new cases today
Confirmed cases of Coronavirus in West Bank and Gaza

10,818 active cases

+279 active cases today
Active cases of Coronavirus in West Bank and Gaza

23,333 recovered cases

+273 recovered cases today
Recovered in West Bank and Gaza

250 death cases

+6 death cases today
Deaths in West Bank and Gaza

Coronavirus Map West Bank and Gaza

West Bank and Gaza
5.10 million

Coronavirus Tests

0 people tested in West Bank and Gaza

0 people in critical condition

Coronavirus worldwide

Last updated: September 19, 11:50 GMT

Data Live: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 00:00:02 +0300 MSK

Coronavirus News

We have

34,401 Coronavirus cases in West Bank and Gaza

with 10,818 active today.

23,333 (67.83%) recovering


250 deaths.

Mortality rate for West Bank and Gaza 0.73%

30.71 million Coronavirus cases worldwide
22.47 million (73.15%) recovering
955,375 deaths.
Covid-19 mortality rate 3.11%

In this moment United States has the highest number of Coronavirus cases worldwide with 6.91 million reported cases. Followed by India with 5.31 million cases, Brazil with 4.47 million cases and Russia with 1.09 million reported cases.

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